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Can't save the file into LASR Folder.

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Can't save the file into LASR Folder.

I try to store my test file to my company's SAS server,and I want to save the file into LASR Folder.

But i got those message. please help me. Thank you  (my SAS EG version 6.1)


Object not found in Metadata Server: SBIP://METASERVER/Ixxxxxxx(Folder)

-------------------------- 以下為技術資訊 --------------------------

Exception Details:


Exception type:  SAS.EG.SDS.SDSException

Message:         Object not found in Metadata Server: SBIP://METASERVER/Ixxxxxx(Folder)

Source:          SAS.EG.SDS.Model

Target Site:     Update

Stack Trace:

   於 SAS.EG.SDS.Model.ProjectBase.Update()

   於 SAS.EG.ProjectElements.LinkedRegisteredProjectFile.Flush(IProvideMetadataDependencies projectDependencyProvider)

   於 SAS.EG.ProjectElements.ProjectFile.Save(IProvideMetadataDependencies projectDependencyProvider)

   於 SAS.EG.ProjectElements.ProjectCollection.Save(Boolean resetModified, Boolean forRecovery)

   於 SAS.EG.ProjectElements.ProjectCollection.SaveAs(SaveAsPath sap, DNADecoder dec)

   於 SAS.EG.MainForm.SaveAsProject(Boolean UseLocalPathOnly)


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