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Can SAS EG 7,1 do this?

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Can SAS EG 7,1 do this?



I am a new user for SAS ( installed SAS EG 7,1 in last 2 weeks ). And now trying to familriaze with the software.

However - I have been using JMP software for many years and current version I have is JMP 11. May I know is there any way that SAS EG can do the following: ( at least this is what I notice so far  )


1) Variability chart of many levels...




2) Categorical analysis ( Share chart / Frequency chart / etc ..







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Re: Can SAS EG 7,1 do this?

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Hi @azlanfaizal - welcome to the world of SAS!


JMP is a highly visual tool with many innovative visualization techniques built-in, available via point-and-click.  SAS (and EG -- as an interface to SAS) can achieve some of these visualizations only by writing specific program code to prep the data and render the graphs.


I suggest that you begin with what's easily done in EG.  Check out the Table Analysis task and One-Way Frequencies task, and also dig into the simple syntax for PROC FREQ.  There are several built-in graphics that PROC FREQ can produce (freq charts, Mosiac plots) that are similar to your examples, but of course -- they are different.


For your variability chart you might look at the Summary Tables task (PROC TABULATE) -- but that's more about numbers than it is about visualizations.  Also take a look through the many examples that @Sanjay_SAS offers on the Graphically Speaking blog.  You might find something that comes close to what you're looking for with relatively simple SGPLOT code.

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