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Calculate WORK space ocuppied

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Calculate WORK space ocuppied

Hello there.


I'm looking for a way (if it's possible) to calculate the space that all SAS users are consuming specifically in the WORK library/environment. My company has many users of SAS Enterprise Guide but the work quota is limited for user (and I assume that has a limit for the library somewhere).


So let's say that are 10 users of SAS and each one as a 5GB this leads us to a 50GB total. However the if the WORK has 40GB limit some users (in a worst case scenario) are kinda limited by others.


What I'm looking for is a way that I can check the usage of the WORK by all users (user A is using X GB, user B is using Y GB, and so on). I'm not the system administrator/DBA so I don't know if a key-user of the software has access to this...


Anyone has some idea?


Thanks a lot and cheers Smiley Happy

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Re: Calculate WORK space ocuppied

I can give you an example how I did it.

The operating system is AIX.

The superuser runs the repquota command regularly on the WORK location, and puts the output to a place where a SAS job can pick it up. The SAS job reads the file with a data step an appends the dataset to a master, so that I can go back in time and visit the state of WORK at any given time. I can also follow the development of a user's usage of WORK.

How often you run this two-stage process depends on the speed with which critical situations can develop and how much time the quota report needs; basically you determine this through experience. When using cron for scheduling, the finest resolution in the timescale is one minute.

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Re: Calculate WORK space ocuppied

Hello @Ti4gO,


You have some ways to achieve what you need. The one mentioned by @KurtBremser 's experience is already very good.

More things you can do, is to monitor the WORK, either with OS commands (dir, du, etc) or with tools, such as Enterprise monitoring tools or, one that I am enjoying to use now is Enterprise Session Monitor (aka ESM) by @boemskats. Specially useful for SAS sessions..


Another thing you can do, and it is probably the best, is to specify an independent and user-based Work location on the Workspace Server sessions, since it is only for (interactive) users, where you have the problem.


For that, you can go to Config/Lev1/SASApp/WorkspaceServer/sasv9_usermods.cfg (or WorkspaceServer_usermods.[sh|bat] ) and and add a -WORK parameter. ( )


An example that I used in the part on Windows environments would be -WORK /my_folder_to_users/!USERNAME, then you can have the quotas on those user folders.

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Re: Calculate WORK space ocuppied

Posted in reply to JuanS_OCS

Thanks for the mention Juan. Also don't forget my WORKtop project on GutHub, it's very effective, as long as you don't need historical data. It has a whopping 6 stars now (!!!)


Smiley Happy



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