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CSV file download by url

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CSV file download by url

The base below has been downloaded without problems:


but when I use that to download this other file in the same site, the download doesn't work well




both files are in CSV


What can I do to solve this problem?


I use the SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1




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Re: CSV file download by url

.... and the sack of rice dropped again in China.

"doesn't work well" tells us next to NOTHING. PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC. Include code and log, and examples of input data that does not end up in SAS as you expected.

Use the proper buttons ({i} and "little running man") to post log and code, respectively.

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Re: CSV file download by url

In my experience when downloading from a link it usually has the .csv at the end. What usually ends up happening, is if I paste the URL into a web browser I should also get a CSV file. Neither of your links produce a CSV file when pasted into the browser so they both seem incorrect.

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