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Building a large system from many projects in SAS EG

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Building a large system from many projects in SAS EG

Do any people have large, sequential sets of projects - - and how do you manage them?

Specifically, if I have to
- read some control datasets (names of banks, dates) and
- some 15 excel spreadsheets (one per bank),

how would you organize a large system in SAS EG so that
- the data can be read in,
- verified,
- various computations done,
- error and regular reports,
- finishing with exporting datasets and backup?

The method I am using now is
- to break the job into modular steps (step10, step20, step25) and then
- have each step save results into an assigned library, and discard any work datasets
- separate out the reading in of datasets, from the computation, from the output
- have the steps be done sequentially, with careful attention that no process within a step has bombed
- minimize the use of custom SAS code and rely upon standard SAS EG filters and lists in order to make maintenance less of a problem for newbies.
- I do not do any maintenance or new programming when production is running the code I have written previously.

I am using SAS EG on a unix server, but do not have SAS PC. This makes for a lot of problems in reading and writing Excel spreadsheets, especially since names of input and output datasets are hardcoded into SAS EG.

I was sort of hoping someone had written a white paper or book on making a system using just SAS EG (and not SAS PC). Message was edited by: PeterL at Jan 24, 2007 5:10 PM
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