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Bringing audible alerts to my workstation?

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Bringing audible alerts to my workstation?


Not even sure if this is possible.  My company has EG 4.1, and all the processing is done on a remote server.  I know how to make audible alerts, but since the remote server is where the processing is happening, I can only presume the sounds are being created there as well.  Is there any way to bring the sound to my computer?

At my old job I would have certain sounds play in the even of an error, and diferent sounds play when the program was complete.


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Bringing audible alerts to my workstation?

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Since I've never worked with EG I probably should not be responding to your post.  However, that said, if no one comes up with a method for doing what you want, there may be an alternative that you might find even more useful: sending a message to your cell phone.

The code for accomplishing that is shown at:

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