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Blue Screen of Death while Using SAS EG 4.3

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Blue Screen of Death while Using SAS EG 4.3

I have had problems with EG 4.2.2. This was uninstalled from my laptop then reinstalled with 4.3, which i feel is worse than 4.2. I have not nothing but problems and have not been able to get through one project yet!

1. My 4.2 projects did not convert. I am in the process of attempting to rebuild the 1st project.

2. Counting only yesterday, I have seen the Blue Screen of Death 5 times. Each time it is because I am Exporting a file as a step in the project, or importing the latest updated excel file (for a project step). Is there a fix for this? I read on the forum this is a known issue for 4.2.2.

I am using XP.

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Re: Blue Screen of Death while Using SAS EG 4.3


This may be a something for a call to tech support, but some possible ideas:

What SP are you on with XP? SP 3 is needed for some things.
When you uninstalled EGuide 4.2.2, did you also uninstall SAS and all it's components? It is tedious, but you may need to uninstall 5-6 pieces to get it all cleaned out. Install SAS 9.2 TS2M3 and the pertinent HotFixes as well as the Hotfixes for EGuide 4.3 .
Have you checked that you have the current video driver? That may also relate to your Blue Screen.

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Re: Blue Screen of Death while Using SAS EG 4.3

I agree with Doc -- please contact SAS Tech Support with this.

In particular, you'll want to gather the Windows Event logs that preceed the "BSOD" -- there are no known EG issues that would cause a system crash like this.

Usually the Blue Screen of Death points to a bad memory module or disk failure, or bad OS file combinations (or perhaps the video driver, as Doc said).

And your EG 4.2 projects *should* convert to 4.3; that's another one to take up with SAS Tech Support.
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Re: Blue Screen of Death while Using SAS EG 4.3

Our various EG V4.22 problems in Windows XP SP3 seem to stem from installs of Windows that are not consistent. For example, we have more problems installing EG on laptops than desktop machines, for some reason. Older desktop installs caused problems...the fix was to reimage/install Windows (!).

I would also contact SAS Tech Support. A key question is: does the problem happen on all installations of EG 4.3 or just yours?

With us, the SAS System Requirements Wizard sometimes had problems installing components such as Windows Runtime and/or Microsoft.NET. In some cases there would be a clash during install...this caused Windows to blow up and show the Blue Screen of Death.

So my recommendation is to confirm first that EG V4.3 is installed properly. As someone said above, for us uninstalling EG 4.x and removing previous versions and all associated EG folders etc. helped to diagnose the issues. Message was edited by: boschy
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