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Binder List in EG 4.2

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Binder List in EG 4.2

I am looking for the binder list in EG 4.2 and cannot find it.
Where has it moved? Or is there any other way in EG 4.2 to access the file system on a remote server?
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Re: Binder List in EG 4.2

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Binders (which are a form of administered shortcuts) were supported only with the Enterprise Guide repository, and not SAS metadata server.

EG 4.2 does not work with the Enterprise Guide repository. You can use EG 4.2 with local SAS (no repository) or by connecting to a SAS 9.2 metadata server.

You can navigate the SAS server file system by going to View->Server List, select the server you want and expand it, then expand into Files.

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