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Best practice to save SAS EG code on server

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Best practice to save SAS EG code on server

Hi all, we are using windows 8 and SAS EG 5.1

my question is what is the best practice to make users flexible to save, store and share their code on/from the server?

(from my perspective -  i am planning to give one folder to the users from server with full access which could be seen under SASApp>File from SAS EG. From their users can create subfolder and store their own code and share appropriately with other users as they want by giving permission).

what you guys think?

please advise...


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Re: Best practice to save SAS EG code on server

Hi, Sandy

Really, Enterprise Guide gives you a set of flexible tools, which permits you to arrange things to best meet your needs. I'm not sure that there can be a "best practice", as what works well for one work group may be suboptimal for another.

We used something very similar to your suggested setup, and it worked very well for us. It looks to me like some of your requirements are:

  • Users need to be able to share projects;
  • On the other hand, users may want to keep projects private;

Letting users share via permissions should work well for you in this case. A couple of other comments:

  • Of course, make sure your server folder is backed up religiously!
  • If your server is Unix, you may find it a little less convenient, as users may need to telnet into it to manage files;
  • We pushed users to keep their SAS datasets on the SAS processing server, so that potentially confidential data wouldn't dissipate around C: drives.

Good luck!


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Re: Best practice to save SAS EG code on server

In addition to Tom's recommendations, I suggest you consider the use of a code change management tool. Most companies use this at least for production code and it can provide the same benefits for SAS code.

Not only does it make the sharing of code much easier, it reduces the risk of code loss, enables you to easily track and compare code changes, revert to any earlier program version, easily get the latest program version, and also to build reliable Production deployments. It also helps manage your code folders as well.  

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Re: Best practice to save SAS EG code on server

And if you do adopt a source code management tool, you can also adopt practices that are compatible with SAS Enterprise Guide.  See this article for details:

Using source control management with SAS Enterprise Guide - The SAS Dummy


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