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Background Processing from EG

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Background Processing from EG

Is is possible to use EG to submit a process to run in the background on the server, i.e. so that I can logoff of Windows on my laptop, and the process will continue to run?
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Re: Background Processing from EG

No. EG cannot submit a job in batch like this. It is something we are planning for a future release.

Once you disconnect EG from the server, then the SAS workspace will end (once it detects that there is no EG client listening anymore).

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Re: Background Processing from EG

You can't manually kick-off an interactive session & then log off.

Your options are:

1. Schedule the EG project - that way you can log off, but you must leave your machine on. The Windows scheduler can log in at a desired time, launch Enterprise Guide & run the project.

2. Export the EG project to SAS code & schedule the code to run on the SAS server. That way you can turn your machine off (assuming the SAS server is on a different machine)

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Re: Background Processing from EG

I have tried method #1. I keep getting error #2147944309, which I understand means that my logon/password is being blocked somehow. If I do not logoff, it runs fine. Any ideas? I would like to logoff when I go home and have something scheduled to run. By the way, this is set to run completely on my own PC, which has EG4.2 and SAS9.2 installed.
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