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Avoid showing outputs

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Avoid showing outputs

Hi all,


I am saving tables at the end of the program, with the current time. That means that every time I will run it, new tables will be created at this final step (except if it is the same second than the previous run, which is technically not possible ^^...)

So I want to avoid showing the created tables at this step, because else it will become unreadable.


Do you know how to do it?



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Re: Avoid showing outputs

Sorry, could you clarify your question, that post doesn't make sense.  When you submit a code step or procedure, the data is read and written at that point.  You will have heard of the PDV, it reads/writes each observation sequentially.  If you don't want to publish a file, keep it in work until you are ready to store it to a production library,

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Re: Avoid showing outputs

Sorry if it was not clear.


What I mean is when you make a process flow in SAS Enterprise Guide you write every step with a Query Builder or a Programm.

Each time the step outputs a SAS Table or transform something.


On SAS EG interface you visually see the output created with an arrow between the programm/query builder and the created table.

If you don't physically remove the table or you don't click on SAS EG interface to remove it, the table will stay visible. In my case I will have a lot of table to output, and it will become unreadable on the interface. So I would like to avoid that the interface show the output tables.


Is that more clear?

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Re: Avoid showing outputs

Your request sounds similar to this


Have a look here, there are different techniques.



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