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Automate import files

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Automate import files

Good day


I would like to automate Excel files that is stored on a server. This should import the files outomaticly every week. Is this posible and how will I go about to make this work?


The files is updated for each month. Ex






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Re: Automate import files

Start with creating SAS code that successfully imports one file.

For consistent results, I would strongly advise to not use the Excel file format, but a textual format like csv and a properly written data step, so that unexpected changes in the input data structure are caught at the earliest possible point of your ETL chain. .xls is crap as a data transfer format.


Then parameterize the infile name:

data _null_;
filedate = put(today(),yymmd7.);
call symputx('filedate',filedate);

filename in "/path/file_&filedate..csv";


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