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Attracted to the Process Flow

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Attracted to the Process Flow


I'm new to SAS Enterprise Guide, but wanted to know whether it was capable of creating a process flow such that when I run a program in which Table A through D are created, (but Table A is created by Table B is created by Table C), and get the following process flow diagram (without running additional programs in between Table B and Table C; Table B and Table A:


Program      -> Table C -> Table B -> Table A

                  -> Table D


Without having to run a program in between each table to create a distinction.



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Re: Attracted to the Process Flow


It's not automatic, but you can draw your own links between tables to get something close to the effect.


In this case, the arrows between C and B, and B and A, were added by me.  The subtle cue in this picture is the dotted lines.

You can draw your own link by using the mouse.  Position the cursor near the starting node until the cursor turns to a crosshairs, and then click/drag an arrow to the ending node.

If that requires too much dexterity, right-click on the starting node and select Link to.


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