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Annoying Tips Stuck On Screen Forever

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Annoying Tips Stuck On Screen Forever

Can anyone assist me with this? My entire team at work experiences this issue with SAS.


Whenever typing out a SAS function, the helpful tips pop up to tell you how you can use that function....then they never go away. It's workable for a bit, but once you have 5-10 tips stuck on your screen it's rediculous. You can't see anything. They are always at the front no matter which window you switch to in windows.


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Re: Annoying Tips Stuck On Screen Forever

Not a full proof answer but a work around. Stop the autocomplete option.


Go to Program --> Editor Option --> Autocomplete tab ---> Uncheck Enable autocomplete.





you can try stopping some of the auto complete as per your choice like uncheck Data step statements. 


Explore this option window.

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Re: Annoying Tips Stuck On Screen Forever



I experience the same issue from time to time and the only way I can get rid of it is to close the from

the process flow and reopen it afterwards . But I don't get the message at each function  ...



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Re: Annoying Tips Stuck On Screen Forever

I remember this being an issue with SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1, but it was fixed.  If you're still experiencing it in a later version, I'd open a track with SAS Technical Support with the details.  It would be good to know if you're using EG natively on your desktop or via a terminal server like Citrix.

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Re: Annoying Tips Stuck On Screen Forever

I've been running it on my desktop. I do believe our team is moving to an updated version soon. Hopefully that solves it!
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