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All New To SAS

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All New To SAS

Hi All,

I am all new to SAS, however heard a lot about it in my previous company, hence wanted to explore the potentail career opportunitites by learing SAS. For someone aspiring to be a analyst which version of SAS needed, wil it rn on W7 sony vaio laptop ? if there is a step by step doc somewhere it will be great .

Thanks in advance


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Re: All New To SAS

Version needed: Since SAS is on an annual license you can maintain the latest, currently 9.3 for your operating environment. Some organizations stay with older versions though. Windows 7 pretty much means you need version 9.2.3 or later; unless your laptop has very limited memory it should be sufficient.

The on line help installed with SAS has a section in the Contents called Learning to Use SAS which is actually useful. For beginners there is also a book, The Little SAS Book, that is very helpful as well to beginners.

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Re: All New To SAS

THanks for your help, for some one wanting to be in the retail analytics background, which course or certification in UK would be the best ?

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Re: All New To SAS


Check these books:

  • Retail Analytics: The Secret Weapon
  • Branded! How Retailers Engage Consumers with Social Media and Mobility

click this link .

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