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Add external document to EG project

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Add external document to EG project

I'm trying to document my EG 4.3 project. I need to include external files (docx, xlsx) to a project for user to read. I tried doc, docx, xls, xlsx and only type which I can open and read is doc. EG opens docx in non-readable format and Excel files it wants to import. Is there a way to include these file types only as "attachments" to a project?

Or is there an easy (not SAS code) way to include links to documents? For example a note which includes a link to a docx file? Or a data which includes links in cell values?
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Re: Add external document to EG project

You could include a .doc file, which EG can open with an embedded instance of MS Word. EG doesn't do the same for .docx though...

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