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ActiveX and Activex (Image) output size

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ActiveX and Activex (Image) output size

Just an FYI on outputing graphics. This is a bit of a follow-up to the challenge I had earlier with people not being able to read the forwarded RTF files with ActiveX documents in them.

I started trying ActiveX (Image). How bloated!

Doc 10 bar charts were 7.5MB (vs 141kb for ActiveX).

Caveat emptor!
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Re: ActiveX and Activex (Image) output size


You might be able to control this somewhat by specifying a different default chart size. By default, ODS determines the "optimum" chart dimensions for the ODS destination that you have open -- RTF in this case. You could exert some control over that by specifying your own dimensions in the Tools->Options->Results->Graph panel, and you might do better in image file size.

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