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Hi All

I'm not sure if this is the right place to place this thread but here goes.

With regards to Metadata Server configs in 9.1.3, what are the consequences of setting the MaxActiveThreads to MORE than the number of processors on the server?

I've been experiencing a problem where user requests for metadata are slow sometimes (40 seconds plus just to log in) even though the processor is sitting at 25%.

This morning I increased the TMin & TMax from the default ((# of processors *2) +1) to ((# of processors *3) +1). This has resulted in a slight performance gain and I noticed that the activity on my processors is more evenly distributed and there is higher usage 50 - 60% processor usage.

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Re: ActiveThreads

I would probably check with Tech Support on this:

Free, unlimited tech support is provided with every SAS license. I'd answer your question if I could, but it's definitely beyond my abilities. Smiley Happy
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