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Active SAS EG connections

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Active SAS EG connections


I need to know how to check number of active SAS EG connections established at a particular time.

Version used is 5.1

/Rahul Nimje

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Re: Active SAS EG connections


I think your best bet is to parse the object spawner logs, which will show you the connections to SAS workspace servers from EG (APPNAME=SAS Enterprise Guide), the user, and the process ID of the sas.exe process.  For example:

2015-06-26T13:49:22,799 INFO  [00006715] :cassmi@CARYNT - New client connection (204) accepted from server port 8591 for user cassmi@CARYNT. Encryption level is Credentials using encryption algorithm SASProprietary. Peer IP address and port are [::ffff:]:11997 for APPNAME=SAS Enterprise Guide.

2015-06-26T13:49:23,142 INFO  [00006715] :cassmi@CARYNT - Created process 19952 using credentials cassmi@CARYNT (child id 93).

2015-06-26T13:49:23,158 INFO  [00006961] Smiley FrustratedYSTEM@UITSRV04 - New out call client connection (205) for launched server (child 93).  Peer IP address and port are [::ffff:]:57832.

2015-06-26T13:49:23,158 INFO  [00006966] Smiley FrustratedYSTEM@UITSRV04 - Launched process 19952 (child id 93) is now running as process 17908.

2015-06-26T13:49:23,158 INFO  [00006961] Smiley FrustratedYSTEM@UITSRV04 - Client connection 204 for user cassmi@CARYNT closed.

2015-06-26T14:01:34,302 INFO  [00006975] Smiley FrustratedYSTEM@UITSRV04 - Client connection 205 for user cassmi@CARYNT closed.

2015-06-26T14:01:34,333 INFO  [00006722] Smiley FrustratedYSTEM@UITSRV04 - Process 17908 (originally 19952) for user cassmi@CARYNT (child id 93) has ended.


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Re: Active SAS EG connections

Posted in reply to CaseySmith

Hello Casey,

Thanks for your answer. I tried but there are some difficulties for finding the users logged in SAS EG.

I tried for multiple logs but can find only one message for SAS EG,so I am still unable to find the users.

I have following settings in the config file : logconfig.xml

   <!-- Application message logger -->

   <logger name="App">

      <level value="Info"/>


Should I change anything to trace the users ?

I found following on the internet :

To increase the logging level for multiple spawner sessions :

  1. Open the spawner's logconfig.xml file, and locate the following lines:

    <logger name="App">  <level value="Info"> </logger>

  2. Change <level value="Info"> to <level value="Trace">

  3. Restart the spawner.

Any recommendation from you?

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Re: Active SAS EG connections

Analyzing the logs will show what has happened in the past.

Doing analyses on running processes using the os commands like PS will show you what is happening now.

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Re: Active SAS EG connections

For the past, analyze the spawner log(s). For current state, ps -ef (on UNIX systems) will give you a list of all running processes; since workspace server sessions have a very distinct commandline, a proper grep will sort out the WS processes.

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