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Accessing the Work library on EBI server

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Accessing the Work library on EBI server

I have an EG job that pulls data thru a EBI server. It stores the WORK data on the EBI server but when I call data stored in the work library via EG it defaults to the local Work library and not the EBI Work library. How do you change that? Message was edited by: Guy@sas
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Re: Accessing the Work library on EBI server

if you can assign a folder on the EBI server into which you have write rights for your EG processes, at the start of your code, assign that folder like [pre] libname user 'that folder defined in EBI server' ;[/pre]
Then any one-level data set name which would normally be referenced in the WORK. library will be read or written from that USER folder.
I hope there is a better way through SAS management console.

good luck

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