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Accessing local files through SAS EG on server

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Accessing local files through SAS EG on server


I am trying to access my local folders through SAS EG, which is installed on a remote server on AWS.

When trying to run the libname statement, the error shows " Library doesn't exist".

I have researched a lot online, and have nailed the problem down to the fact that since my SAS is on a server, I'll somehow have to make my local drives accessible at the server.

Can anyone please guide me on how to do that?

Much Appreciated


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Re: Accessing local files through SAS EG on server

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Several ways to do it, all of which require the cooperation of the server admin.

a) have a netwrok share defined on the SAS server, and mount it on your client. Then store your "local" files there

b) have a common network share mounted on the server and on your client

c) define a share on your local PC and have the server mount it

I don't know which file sharing methods are possible with AWS servers. The easiest method to share files might be to transfer them with SFTP.

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