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Accessing/assigning permanent Formats

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Accessing/assigning permanent Formats

I have a data library defined that provides data to my EG project. This library also contains an existing permanent Formats catalog (called Formats). A process flow exists that summarizes data in the library, and a stored process was created from the process flow.

When the stored process is run it abends with an error stating formats are not available for particular variables. How can the existing, permanent Formats catalog be made available for data in the same library?

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Re: Accessing/assigning permanent Formats

You might need to set the fmtsearch option within your stored process program to ensure that the stored process session can access your defined formats.

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Re: Accessing/assigning permanent Formats

George: The book you want is the Platform Administration guide. It is in PDF format.

Search for the string "SASFormats" in the PDF file. You should find some hits that explain that there is generally one place that is automatically searched for formats and it is in this path on the server:

If you write your formats to this directory, they will automatically be found and you do not need a FMTSEARCH option in your code. However, if you put your format catalog in a different place, then the Administration Guide explains about using FMTSEARCH.

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Re: Accessing/assigning permanent Formats

Chris and Cynthia,

Thanks for the advice. Either of those options would help. I initially tried FMTSEARCH but not as it's presented in the admin guide.
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