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Access and Using Data from MS Exchange In EG

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Access and Using Data from MS Exchange In EG

I am working on a project where a data file is sent via e-mail and wanted to ask if it is possible on EG to perform the following actions:

1. Connect to the MS Exchange message store.
2. Extract the file attachement from the e-mail.

Trying to improve a process by eliminating manual steps. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Access and Using Data from MS Exchange In EG

EG can connect to Exchange as a data provider and access the message stores. I'll be honest though: the process uses a MAPI provider and it can be a little flakey. And it won't get to your attachments.

What you might consider instead:
- write a Windows PowerShell script to pull the information that you're looking for. Examples of using PowerShell to access Exchange are easy to find on the Web.
- tie that into a command-shell process that you launch from EG. We have a custom task that you can use to launch such a process and tie it in with your EG process flow. See:

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