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64-Bit Client software available?

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64-Bit Client software available?

Hi all!

My employer is in the process of migrating us off the OROS modeler and onto SAS ABM 6.3 and Enterprise Guide 4.1. After some extensive testing, we are just about to run parallel and then turn OROS off and run purely on ABM.

Because there are 3 company divisions running on this same tool (2 have migrated already and my area is the last one), we are interested if there is a 64-bit client available, as our model is so complex and we are asking EG to do so much work, that it might be worth investigating whether we can get a 64-bit version of the program(s) to eliminate some memory issues.

Any info is appreciated!
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Re: 64-Bit Client software available?

Suggest the SAS Support website and the SEARCH facility on this topic. Also, the Google advanced search argument below against SAS.COM also generated several hits:

sas 64 bit support

Scott Barry
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Re: 64-Bit Client software available?

In short, no. See Chris' blog on 64 bit vista and 4.1/4.2.

Doc Muhlbaier
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Re: 64-Bit Client software available?

EG is simply a client to SAS, and we would expect SAS to do the heavy lifting in terms of data manipulation and computations.

EG can work with a 64-bit version of SAS, even though the EG application itself is 32-bit.

Someday in the not-too-distant-future, we will probably have a 64-bit version of EG since that's definitely where the technology trends are taking us. But we do not have a firm timetable for that work.

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