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using formats in sas enterprise miner

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using formats in sas enterprise miner


in my dataset that i am using to develop a predictive model, I am using some user defined formats.

My idea is that Sas Enterprise Miner is using the really orginal content of the variable in de score code, but I can see  the format in the results like intercative binning.

when I add a (centralized user defined) format to the dataset , it it created a new variable with the sas format(put statement).

it try to avoid this, because i am working Norway and I have bad experience with Sas in the Norwegian language.

Is it possible using a sas format, but sas enterprise miner using the original data in scoring codam

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Re: using formats in sas enterprise miner

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Hi Hans,

It is the same everywhere you cannot emigratie to get rid of that level support : )
What did you try? Definining a SAS dataset with associated formats as input?

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Re: using formats in sas enterprise miner

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If you don't want the formatted values of categorical variables used in the score code, you need to remove the formats from the variables before modeling.  Here is information from the reference help:


Categories for nominal and ordinal variables are defined by the normalized, formatted values of the variable. If you have not explicitly assigned a format to a variable, the default format for a numeric variable is BEST12., and the default format for a character variable is $w., where w is the length of the variable. The formatted value is normalized by:

  1. Removing leading blanks
  2. Truncating to 32 characters
  3. Changing lowercase letters to uppercase.
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