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uploading data enterprise miner

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uploading data enterprise miner

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 dear all, I'm using a sas onDemand for academics: I would like to launch a tree model in Entreprise Miner.


I've uploaded the data to SAS studio and created a library. In entreprise miner I cannot see any table, in spite of launching the data import function and assigned also in miner the library: when I launch the diagram I cannot add any data table before the tree node.


Any idea? Is this a problem of pc configuration? or an internal issue of Eminer?


Ps I saw that today 20th, there is some maintenance, but I have this problem since several days.


thanks in advance

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Re: uploading data enterprise miner



you will need to create the library as pre-assigned, most probably you would prefer that is pre-assigned by the metadata engine.

Please read the following thread for additional information, if you don;t have clear what is a pre-assigned library:


Otherwise, you will need to assign again the library on SAS Enterprise Miner. You can follow the steps as described on the SAS Note:


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