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renaming variables in E Miner

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renaming variables in E Miner

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to rename my variables in E miner? Does this need to be done with a code node? If so can anyone provide sample code?

The reason is that with all the prefixes like REP_ , IMP_, OPT_, etc that get added to the variables, they end up over 30 characters long and Teradata does not acccept these variables when we try to score data using model manager.
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Re: renaming variables in E Miner

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Please also see this tech support note

As you indicate I would use the SAS Code node to rename the variables using the macros varaible names for the data sources you want to import and export.

SAS has a 32 character limit.
Teradata has a 30 character limit.
Long variable names is something we look into.
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