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problem on installing EM

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problem on installing EM

I am a new to em and i am installing Enterprise Miner 6.1 following the guide in
i have chosen enterprise minee,one machine

the installation is smooth without error

but after the installation i cannot find em6.1,plz help...

p.s. i can find the following in my start menu only
Enterprise Guide 4.2
SAS 9.2 (English)
SAS ETS Model Editor 2.1
SAS Locale Setup Manager 2.1
SAS Management Console 9.2

SAS 9.2 (Additional Languages)
|--SAS 9.2 (English (DBCS))
|--SAS 9.2 (English)

SAS 9.2 License Renewal & Utilities
|--Integration Technologies Configuration
|--Manage SAS File Types
|--Renew SAS Software
|--SAS 9.2 (Unicode Server)
|--SAS Installation Qualification Tool
|--SAS Operational Qualification Tool
|--SAS Service Configuration Utility

SAS Configuration
|--EMiner - Lev1
....|--Analytics Platform Server - Start
....|--Analytics Platform Server - Stop
....|--Analytics Platform Server Console - Start
....|--Deployment Tester Server - Start
....|--Deployment Tester Server - Stop
....|--Object Spawner - Pause
....|--Object Spawner - Resume
....|--Object Spawner - Start
....|--Object Spawner - Stop
....|--SASMeta - Metadata Server - Pause
....|--SASMeta - Metadata Server - Resume
....|--SASMeta - Metadata Server - Start
....|--SASMeta - Metadata Server - Stop
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Re: problem on installing EM

You should find it under /programs/sas/analytics/entepriseMiner

call tech support if you do not.

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