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nodes running

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nodes running

I have a process flow consists of dataset, data partition, decision tree , score and others. When I run any node, the process flow runs completely, this mean the running starts from first node to the end.

Can I control the operation such that run only the current node .


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Re: nodes running

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Hi Hussein,

By default your nodes only run once, unless you change a property on that node.

Even when you change properties, Enterprise Miner is very efficient about what code to re-run. For example, if you change a property in the "Report" part, only the code for that portion is re-run, saving you a lot of time.

I think by default EM is doing what you want, even if you see the green status symbol of the nodes swirl for a quick fraction of a second.

I hope it helps,


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Re: nodes running

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Yes, but I have this problem without change any property. How to stop this property?

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Re: nodes running

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Miguel explained the behavior when you restart a node it will check all nodes before (dependicies) for some update. That checking will be shown by a short "running" symbol. When necessary it will run actually the code (lasts longer). When you have parallel nodes without dependicies you can notice these are not validated (run).
This checking makes all the sense of this tool. Why would you ask to stop that?  

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