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node processing in "infinite loop"

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node processing in "infinite loop"

I use Enterprise Miner 6.1 desktop edition on WIN XP and notice some strange behaviour when processing diagrams.

Sometimes when I use Clustering node (or some others f.e. Gradient Boosting) I observe that processing takes longer then normally . Status bar in the bottom says "node running" but I suspect that there is an error in processing. (The process that takes normally 5 minutes on the same dataset with the same options suddenly goes for 60 minutes without success) I hit stop button but then again it says "cancelling" and takes forever eventually with no result. (I waited a couple of hours once...)
Then only option I've got is to close miner and analytics platform and hope for the best.

Unfortunately when I open project and diagram again the node indicates it is still running but stop button is inactive and ALL OF THE SETTINGS in ALL nodes are gone or default. Moreover all of the results of preceding nodes on the path are blank and opening options on any node results in warning :
"A problem has been encountered on the server".

Problem has been bugging me for some time now and I can't really find a solution.

The worst thing is that I loose all of the settings I painstakingly entered in the nodes in the diagram.

If someone has slightest idea what might cause this strange behaviour or how to retrieve settings of my nodes please share.

Help would be appreciated.

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Re: node processing in "infinite loop"

Jacob, that is not good ! I suggest you take this up with tech support and lets try to sort this out asap. -David
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