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mutliple target neural network Sas miner

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mutliple target neural network Sas miner

Hello and tahnks in Advance.


I would to know what is happening when i have 2 targets in my metatada and i run  Neural Network.

Is it run them as different models or its a multiTarget network where tries to fullfill 2 targets at same time?


For example i have T_cross and T_upsells as Targets and I want a model with one Target , based on better performance. Whars the architecure if i have more than one?

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Re: mutliple target neural network Sas miner

It is fitting the 2 targets simulataneously, in a single model.

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Re: mutliple target neural network Sas miner

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Thanks Wendy.
I realize now that my question is not complete.
I have a binary target inside the system in 2 forms. Binary and Interval. Trying to stabilize my model. I forgot to reject the interval form from metadata. So the model that was created is based on both of them.
My issue is. How correct and how far is that model from the appropriate one?

thanks again
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