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miner 6.1 and windows 7 64bit

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miner 6.1 and windows 7 64bit


I have installed sas9.2, TS Level 2M2 64bit in windows 7 (64bit) with two licenses 1) for sas9.2 with miner 6.1 and 2) sas jmp/genomics in the same desktop. But with 32 bit the installation creates a separate EM where I can click and run EM 6.1. But with 64bit such separate EM shows kind of disfunctional.

The EM is formed under start-> allprograms ->SAS ->SAS Configuration -> EMDesktop Lev-1 under it is a list of things like this::
Analytics Platform Server Start and so on.

But there is no choice of EM.

Question: Is this installation non-functional? How can I fix it? Because instead of version 6.1 I am using v. 4.3 which can be open within sas ->Solutions ->Analysis -> EM
Thanks for any input, Aldi
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Re: miner 6.1 and windows 7 64bit

You will not generally run programs out of the configuration group, that is more for managing and debugging installations.

You will find EM 6.1 under /programs/sas/analytics/enterpriseMiner.

If not, then call tech support.

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