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finishing scoring model

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finishing scoring model

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Hello, I am attempting to create a scoring model similar to the example i have posted above. I am struggling to get Sas enterprise miner 14.1 to assign a score to each row of data that i have though at the end. Is there a step i need to add on to the diagram above to get my original data scores row by row betweeen 0-100? additionally i would like to export the scored data back to excel once i have got it scored. If anyone has any siuggestions on how to acheive this or needs any clarification on what im asking please post. thanks!

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Re: finishing scoring model

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That all looks correct - you should see columns with predictions for your score data set.  From the Score node, click on the ellipsis for Exported Data in the properties panel, then Browse the SCORE data set.  Do you see columns with predictions there?  Then you can use a Save Data node at the end of your flow to save it as an Excel spreadsheet.  

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