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eminer decision tree

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eminer decision tree

Hi All, 

I wanted to get some idea on how I can force eminer decision tree to iteratively try variables (300+) in a dataset and recommend / find the most optimal split based on user specified criteria. 

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Re: eminer decision tree

Hi Pritish,

Are you using SAS Enterprise Miner?

If I understand well, you don't want to create a decision tree model, but rather to determine the optimal split on each of your 300+ variables?


If the end goal is optimal binning using a decision tree, you can do that using the Transform node with option set to optimal binning.


If you are doing something else, you need to create a macro that calls proc arbor passing one variable at a time.

Give it a try creating your macro, happy to help if you have questions.


Arbor doc in case it helps:


Good luck,


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