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What is PROC Arboretum Internal Error

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What is PROC Arboretum Internal Error

I ran the code at the bottom and received an error i haven't seen before:

ERROR: PROC internal error. Should not happen.

NOTE: Traceback: line 703 in file /sas/wky/mva-v940m4/aasubs/src/sptoutc.c.

NOTE: Traceback: line 2842 in file /sas/wky/mva-v940m4/aasubs/src/sptoutc.c.

NOTE: Traceback: line 7175 in file /sas/wky/mva-v940m4/aasubs/src/arbgrm.c.

NOTE: Traceback: line 3090 in file /sas/wky/mva-v940m4/dmine/src/arbstmt.c.


Has anyone encountered this?


the code:


proc arboretum data=train;

target &target. / level=nominal;

input &model_vars. tenure /level=ordinal;

input &char_vars. /level=nominal;

assess validata=testd;

code file=code_1;

score data=train out=dev outfit=scorefit_dev;

score data=testd out=scorecard outfit=scorefit;

score data=alld out=scorecard_all outfit=scorefit_all;

save IMPORTANCE=cseg.c_sg_imp1 MODEL=cseg.c_sg_mymodel NODESTATS=cseg.c_sg_nodstat1 RULES=cseg.c_sg_rul1 SEQUENCE=cseg.c_sg_seq1 SIM=cseg.c_sg_sim1 STATSBYNODE=cseg.c_sg_statb1 SUM=cseg.c_sg_sum1






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Re: What is PROC Arboretum Internal Error

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Is testd empty?
I can only reproduce the error when testd exists and has no observations.


(Thank you for providing enough explicit information to reproduce the problem.)


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