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Welcome to the SAS Data and Text Mining Forum

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Welcome to the SAS Data and Text Mining Forum

Welcome to the SAS Data and Text Mining Forum, designed to serve users of SAS Enterprise Miner™, SAS Text Miner, and SAS Credit Scoring. We hope you will use this forum to interact with other users, posing questions and contributing your opinions about programming features, analysis methods, and best practices.

The SAS data mining product line is targeted to data miners and business analysts who explore large data sets and build predictive models for deployment in a production environment. The products include many tools organized into the categories of Sample, Explore, Modify, Model, and Assess, abbreviated as SEMMA. Discussions on natural language processing (NLP) and advanced linguistic technologies driving the text analytics within SAS Text Miner are also encouraged.

This is your opportunity to share experiences, post questions or suggestions, and interact with other SAS data miners. Although this forum is intended mainly for user-to-user interactions, it will be monitored by SAS, and we will contribute when needed. If you have a problem that requires immediate answers, please contact SAS Technical Support. Good luck with your data mining, and we look forward to hearing from you in this forum.
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Re: Welcome to the SAS Data and Text Mining Forum

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I am doing my dissertation on text mining asynchronous dialogue for analyses of content cognitive level and sentiment analysis.  If I need to use a different program or any things you think that may be helpful....then please let me know.

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Patrice Rasmussen

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