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Uplift Modelling, Please Help..Thank You

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Uplift Modelling, Please Help..Thank You

Hi All,

I would like to build an uplift modelling, I work in retail...I haven't built any uplift model so I was wondering if you have any ideas to share, doc or any useful algorithms available in Base SAS or EM.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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Re: Uplift Modelling, Please Help..Thank You

Hey Kanyange,

Check out this paper

and this video Incremental Response Modeling in SAS Enterprise Miner - YouTube

Good luck with your first incremental response model!


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Re: Uplift Modelling, Please Help..Thank You


I built several incremental response models using both SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS/STAT. 

The paper that Miguel cited was very helpful to me when I used Enterprise Miner to build models.

Also, I would recommend you to take the SAS training course in this topic.  The course covers more techniques using SAS/STAT.

Hope this helps a bit.

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