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University edition vs enterprise miner

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University edition vs enterprise miner



I am currently working on a school project that involves looking at a broad population of a city with limited characteristics about individuals (name,adress,phone#,email,DOB,networth) and this population includes people who have donated to a foundation. For those who have donated i have first donation date, first donation amount, lifetime amount..etc. It is our assinment to use machine learning to find other potential donors in the broad population based off the characteristics of the previous donors in the data set. Is this possible using SAS university edition or will i need to use enterprise miner to do this. 



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Re: University edition vs enterprise miner

Machine learning is a set of algorithms. Some are available in Base SAS & SAS/STAT, which are available in SAS UE but most are in SAS Enterprise Miner.  Things like decision tree's and neural networks are only available via SAS EM.

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