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Unable to launch SAS Enteprise Miner

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Unable to launch SAS Enteprise Miner

Hello! I was faced with a problem which i couldn't find in the web. 


After downloading main.jnlp from Enterprise Miner page i started it and everything was ok. But the next launch with the same file (main.jnlp) gave me an error:




Details tab:



When i delete installed application and download main.jnlp again - all is ok again bt only for one launch.

I would be so thankful if somebody helps me)

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Re: Unable to launch SAS Enteprise Miner

Firstly, whilst this site is great for discussions, I'd always recommend taking this kind of problem to your local SAS Support.


But (having managed a helpdesk in a past life), some questions to try to quickly focus on the root cause:

  • Was it previously working?
    • If so, what has changed?
      • SAS binaries
      • SAS config
      • Underlying binaries/config - Java, Java paths, etc?
    • If not, what installation testing was done?
  • Does it work for another user (i.e, is it a personal or pervasive problem)?
  • What is your setup (workstation only, client/server, etc)?
  • Do you have platform admin rights?
  • Do you have O/S admin rights?
  • you etc..

Please tell us as much as you can to help you..


(But also ask Tech Support.. and if you get the answer from them, please post it here.)

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Re: Unable to launch SAS Enteprise Miner

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 It was installed on workstation only as a part of "SAS® OnDemand for Academics"

Version of Java: 1.8.0_121

Yes, I have O/S admin rights.

It doesn't work for another users (my colleagues on their PC), literally it works with the same problems.

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