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Time Series Nodes available (Enterprise Miner) ?

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Time Series Nodes available (Enterprise Miner) ?


I am working with SAS Entreprise Miner, and more precisley with the Time Series Nodes.

My version is 12.1 and I have just 3 nodes ( TS Preparation, TS Exponential Smoothing, TS Similarity).

Is it possible to have more nodes (like TS Hierarchical Clustering, TS Merge, TS Viewer...) ?

I know that they are in "beta testing".

Thanks very much!

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Re: Time Series Nodes available (Enterprise Miner) ?

Hi Thomas - thanks for your question. I'm glad to hear you are using the time series nodes in Enterprise Miner and I would be interested to know more about what your specific application of those nodes is.

We are excited about some new times series nodes currently under development. The plan is to release those nodes at the end of 2013 with the next release of Enterprise Miner.  (By the way, Enterprise Miner 12.3 released today so it is hot off the press!)  Please stay tuned for new times series data mining functionality.

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