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Survival node in Enterprise Miner

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Survival node in Enterprise Miner

Every time I run the survival node it gives me an error that says "There is not enough data available to perform model validation.  Either change the time interval property to another time unit or increase the size of the interval length property value". 

I have 4 years worth of data and have set the time interval to days and the interval length of 365.  Shouldn't this be enough?

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Survival node in Enterprise Miner

By default the last 1/4 of the interval is used for validation.  The help below defines further how to specify a user defined interval for validatoin.

Survival Node Train Properties: Survival Validation

The Survival Validation section of the Survival node Properties panel provides the following settings for configuring the validation of your Survival model:

  • Survival Validation Method – Use the Survival Validation Method property to specify how the validation holdout sample is generated. By default, the training, validation and test data sets that are passed to the Survival node are split into two time intervals. The first 75% of the interval is set aside as training data, for model creation. The remaining portion of the interval is set aside for survival model validation, or scoring. When the default survival validation method is selected, the entire scoring interval is used for validation calculations. However, you can choose to create a user-specified time interval if you desire. When you select user-specified time intervals, you can specify a specific hypothetical scoring date as well as the interval length.
  • Scoring Time – When you select User Specified as the value for your Survival Validation Method setting, you can use the Scoring Time property to specify a hypothetical scoring date. The hypothetical scoring date will divide the data into the two subsets of data. Select the button to the right of the Scoring Time property to open a table that you use to specify the date value for scoring. The Scoring Time date value that you specify must fall between your defined start date and censor date.
  • Interval Length – When you select User Specified as the value for your Survival Validation Method, the Interval Length property specifies the length of the time interval used to perform survival validation. The interval will begin with the hypothetical scoring date that you specified in the Scoring Time property setting, and then extend the specified number of time intervals forward. If the Time Unit property is set to Day and the Interval Length property is set to 15, your scoring interval is the 15 days that follow the hypothetical scoring date.
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Re: Survival node in Enterprise Miner


I am facing this error even after going with the default validation scoring method.
"Survival Node Issue:The scoring date should be after the start date and prior to the censoring date."

Moreover, The user specified settings option is giving this error .
" unable to execute the query Smiley FrustratedQL passthru expression contained these errors . ERROR: File work.TRAINTIMESELECTION.DATA doesnot exist. "

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