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Survival Node in SAS E-Miner

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Survival Node in SAS E-Miner

The survival node in E-Miner was running successfully but the result and its log window was empty.

Attached is the sample input data.

The sample data has four columns, 1. ID (sbscrptn_ek_id); 2.Time id (actvtn_dtm);  3. Time id (csstn_dtm); 4. Subscription status (stts_ctgry_cd)

From the above 4 columns we have created a column called Event and it was identified as 0 if the subscription status is active and 1 if the subscription status is cancelled.

In the SAS E-miner, we have used two nodes 1. Input node and 2. Survival node. The nodes are running and we are getting the green tick mark. We are also able to see the result and its log window but it was empty.

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Re: Survival Node in SAS E-Miner

Thank you for posting the data.  When I imported the data into SAS, I noticed there were some problems since it was interpreting the year 98 as 2098 rather than as 1998.  I tried to make corrections and then got an error message that there was not sufficient data.  I checked again and had missed one of the incorrect year values, so I made the correction and was able to generate results using different values for Time Length.  You might need to check how the imported date values are being imported by SAS.  I would have expected an error rather than a green tick mark if that were the case though.  


I hope this helps!


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