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Strange Behavior When Opening and Running Nodes

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Strange Behavior When Opening and Running Nodes

I have been using the latest version of EM for a few months now with no issues.  Last week I was working on a new project and built several models including NN, DT, regression, etc... with no issues.  On Sunday, I suddenly started to get a strange issue when working on this project as well as several others.  When I run a model node, the green animated graphic that shows it is running (rotates around the node) no longer runs and the pop up window that says it is done never comes up.  As a result, I am never notified when the model is done running.  I've also noticed that more often then not, I will suddenly lose the ellipse boxes in the properties windows.  I've been able to resolve this by clicking on the page name again but it seems very random.  It appearsthat everything still works but this seems very strange and does slow down the process.  Is there a setting that I may have inadvertently clicked on or something with Java that may have suddenly changed?  The only other thing I could think of was that there was a maintenance update I believe for SAS on Sunday.  I was not sure if that would have had an impact.

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Re: Strange Behavior When Opening and Running Nodes

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It will be rare to find other with similar issue, i think the best to do is to submit a tech support form here Contact SAS Institute Technical Support.

Specially if you suspect a specific maintenance update.

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