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Scoring with Upper Confidence Limit Estimate

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Scoring with Upper Confidence Limit Estimate

I've used the HPGLM node to build a regression and have the upper confidcence limits from the parameter table, but am looking to understand if there is a way to use them to create the Score Code instead of the standard estimates.


I am already committed to re-building my regression with PROC HPGENSELECT by hand, so I can change ALPHA.  It would be great to have both of these as optional parameters within E-Miner.

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Re: Scoring with Upper Confidence Limit Estimate

Thanks for the feedback!  There is currently no way to use the upper confidence limits as the estimates in the score code - I don't know that we've heard that request before, but interesting to hear this!  


The ability to change ALPHA for a GLM is something we are adding into our future data mining and machine learning product.

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