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Sas ondemand for academics

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Sas ondemand for academics

Hi guy,

In the past, I successfully built models using the decision tree node on my flow chart,but of recent, each time I want to build models interactively I get an error message:  Unable to open interactive decision tree.

What's wrong with my flow chart.

On another project, my flow chart keep running, how do I stop the flow chart from running, I can't do anything on that flow chart.


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Re: Sas ondemand for academics

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The answer to your question depends in part on what version of SAS Enterprise Miner you are running.  Prior to SAS Enterprise Miner 6.1, the interactive tree capabilities were available via a separately installed Tree Desktop Application (TDA) which at times could encounter difficulty and require reinstallation.  It is likely you are running on SAS Enterprise Miner 5.x and need to reinstall the Tree Desktop Application.  For SAS Enterprise Miner 6.x and later, the interactive capabilities were coded directly in the application and I don't believe there were any reported errors involving not being able to open this functionality since the TDA was replaced.   

If you are running SAS Enterprise Miner 5.x or later, you might also check to see which version of Java you are running.  Each of these versions of SAS Enteprise Miner were tested on specific versions of Java.  Since Java updates are not guaranteed to be compatible, we have seen unusual issues when people upgraded their version of Java to one that had not been tested.  

I hope this helps!


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