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SAS to R

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SAS to R


What is the popular way to convert SAS code into R.

We are thinking to use PMML.Is it a good idea or what other ways we have?


Thank You in advance

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Re: SAS to R

You analyze the code from one programming language, and then implement the logic in the new language?  There is no change my code from one language to another button.  As you will have been programming to SDLC the process should be quite simple as the Functional Design Specs, Test Cases, etc. will all be transferable, only the actual syntax coding will be different.  Of course if you haven't done that then your back to stage 1.

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Re: SAS to R

PMML only works if you have SAS EM and models. No reports built in sas?


Code conversion is not a 1:1 process and requires a programmer who knows both systems. Don't underestimate the amount of work required. 

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Re: SAS to R

You may want to check out this free class that SAS offers "SAS Programming for R Users".


I found it very useful to see how R programming translate into SAS code.

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