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SAS on Demand: Enterprise Miner 6.2

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SAS on Demand: Enterprise Miner 6.2


I'm using Enterprise Miner (Academics version) and created created a data source using the Data Source Wizard.  The problem is that the variable Type column is greyed out and needless to say that's what I want to change as the imported variable types are incorrect. I've also tried to find a node after the import but no joy.

Question is, is there a node where I can change the data Type column  or does this have to be done with SAS code if it can be done at all?

Any help on this is appreciated.

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Re: SAS on Demand: Enterprise Miner 6.2

I had similar problem,If I got you right, you want to import external data using SE academic. Not possible. get more infor  from this book, follow it step by step. You will see the greyed notes.

Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Miner 6.1


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