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SAS Text Miner and Marketing Analytics

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SAS Text Miner and Marketing Analytics

We are new to SAS text mining and we are looking for info on using the text miner to do theme analysis on the customer verbatim survey responses. We have been told the process involves doing term extractions from customer verbatim comments, and clustering themes into variables. We would like to use the resulting variables with scaled question responses in the survey and other structured claim data. Message was edited by: Chucky@amfam
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Re: SAS Text Miner and Marketing Analytics

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You have been told correctly. Fortunately, the SAS Text Miner software does a lot of this work for you. We include text parsers that can identify language features in many different languages and also routines for efficiently transforming those features into variables that can be used in clustering and profiling to identify themes and in predictive models.

Your input data set should contain both the text fields and the scaled question responses. After the text mining node, you can add a clustering node and then a segment profile node. If you consider the clusters to contain or represent themes, then profiles plots and tree in the cluster node, and the more extensive reporting in the segment profile node will give you an idea how the text and question responses are related. You can do a lot with this type of analysis, so go have some fun.

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