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SAS Enterprise Miner cannot open the diagrams in an existing project

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SAS Enterprise Miner cannot open the diagrams in an existing project

I want to open a project generated by another computer. but after I open a project and revised the starting code, I cannot open the Diagrams.

Screenshot (145).png

How can I solve the problem?

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner cannot open the diagrams in an existing project

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Please note that when transferring projects between two machines, you can only copy the project directly if both machines...

   ... use the same number of bits (32-bit vs. 64-bit)

   ... have the same operating system and version

   ... can access the same data source 

   ... have read/write permissions on the folders SAS Enterprise Miner manages


If any of the following is not true, you might need to migrate the project using a SAS utility.   Please note that SAS Enterprise Miner can only access projects on hard drives which are local to the SAS Enterprise Miner installation (external USB hard drives do not count) or in locations with fully mapped path names (e.g. \\myserver\mypath\myfolder\myproject) -- using locally mapped drive letters will not work.


Having said that, there are a couple things you could check:

1) First check your <Project Files>\Workspaces\EMWS1\System directory to see if there are any *.lck files like wsopen.lck.  This could mean that someone else has the lock on the diagram.  However, if you want to delete those files which end with *.lck that might resolve the problem.  Note:  When SAS Enterprise Miner project is open and the project name is selected in the top left corner panel, there is a Property pane (middle left panel) that shows the project path in the Path field.  
2) In your example, the referenced EM_NODEID file is found in the <Project Files>\Workspaces\EMWS1\directory. Make sure the user ID that logs into SAS Enterprise Miner has write permissions to this directory.  


  On Windows, you can check this as follows:
     a) select the directory
     b) right mouse button to bring up the context menu and select Properties
     c) select the Security tab
     d) select your user name or group so that the permissions for that user name or group are shown

If #1 and #2 are not the issue, I would recommend you open a track with SAS Technical Support.   

Hope this helps!


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