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SAS Enterprise Miner Interview Question

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SAS Enterprise Miner Interview Question

I was looking for interview questions on SAS Enterprise Miner. Just I want to know the exceptations from employers to SAS EM beginner. I do understand that it depends on the requirement , but I would like to know the things which I should know when apply for SAS EM developer for 1year experience.


Thanks in advance for any help you offer me.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Interview Question



For someone with 1 year experience in Enterprise Miner and data mining, I would expect you to know:

-some best practices like data partition and using imputation only when needed

-how to avoid overtraining or overfitting a model

-how to use decisions and priors for oversampling or train a model with rare events

-how to interpret the results from the most common modeling nodes

-to explain in simple terms most plots and fit statistics on the model comparison node


After using EM for a year, you should be able to get the certification predictive modeling using SAS Enterprise Miner. Any of the questions or general cases seem like fair game for an interview. My go-to advice for prepping that exam is to read the appendix cases of the course Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner.


For someone with more experience you should be able to

-know how to use the SAS code node using macro variables

-build custom reports directly on EM

-have a notion of batch code, deploying, and monitoring models

-design advanced diagrams for complex tasks such as deep learning or complex ensembles.


Good luck in your interview!



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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Interview Question

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Are you familiar with KD nuggets? They just posted an interesting list of 20 interview questions.
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